Small Batch Variety Pack

$35.00 USD

Snag the ULTIMATE pack of some of our most popular Small Batches, each variety set comes with

(1) Jamaican Jerk

(1) Cowboy Steak

(1) Kung Pao 

(1) Sesame Gochujang 

(1) Sweet Chili Garlic 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Adam D.
A Mixed Bag with Mostly Hits!

I bought some extra flavors, not included with the core Small Batch box.
1 Best) Sweet Chili Garlic, great spice, and flavor. 2) Kung Pao, has a good taste and a slight kick of heat but is very salty. 3) Jamaican Jerk, lots of bold spices, and a hint of lime. 4) Cherry Chipotle, some mild cherry sweet/tartness, but not strong enough. 5) Honee BBQ, is very sweet with very little BBQ flavor. 6) Sesame Gochujang, bland tasting of neither sesame nor gochujang. 7) Cowboy Steak, they were going for a steak sauce (A1) flavor, but this eats very dry and earthy, like old mushrooms.

Matthew F
So so so so so good

Before I got this variety pack, I've only really had the 4 flavors that are available in the store. All of these new flavors looked exciting, so I decided to try it out. These flavors are SO GOOD. Even the Jamaican Jerk was a little too spicy for me, but I still ate all of it because of how darn good it was. In all honesty, the worst part was just trying to not eat the entire bag in 1 sitting... but I did anyway for several of these jerkys. The Kung Pao was out of this world.

I will be buying again, 100%.

Unbelievable flavor

The small batch variety is unreal. The flavors of these packets are truly delicious. You will have a super difficult time not consuming the entire bag in one sitting!!

Kristie Smothers


Linda Graffy
Shipping box is a problem

This was a Christmas gift, shipped to the recipient. It would be nice if your company could ship in plain cardboard. Your company advertising instantly informed the recipient what I had sent. Christmas surprise ruined.


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