At Louisville Vegan Jerky Co., our main flavors are proudly Non-GMO certified. For our small batch flavors, the absence of the Non-GMO label is due to their experimental nature and the unique spices used, which aren't always covered in our standard certification.

Our jerky contains zero gluten. Most jerky contains gluten due to the use of cheap soy sauce they use. We use the highest quality, certified gluten free tamari - (read more here https://san-j.com/faq)

We do not allow any gluten products in the production facility and follow all of the strict guidelines within the gluten free certification.

No, our alcohol ingredient comes from the 'San J' tamari used in the marinade for our jerky. It is a food grade alcohol derived from sugarcane. We do not add any alcohol to our jerky whatsoever. (read more here https://san-j.com/faq)

Sample size bags are currently under development, keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Yes please reach out to sales@lvjco.com for more information.

Ingredients are listed on the back of the bags and on the product pages of this website.

No, it is not.

Yes, we do not allow any nut products/ingredients in our kitchen.

Due to the mustard we use in the BBQ, we are not able to get kosher certification anytime in the near future.

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