Riff Raff's Orange Chicken

Riff Raff's Orange Chicken

After watching the documentary "What the Health," I have found it a healthier journey for my mind, body, & soul to reassess what I was putting into my body.

Being Plant Based for the love of the animals is always the #1 motivation BUT vegan food HAS TO be good the first time or a non-vegan person may never try it again. Sooooooo one time I was walking through Whole Foods and I saw this Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. and I tried every flavor and every single pack got eaten by me and my non-vegan friends! THAT is when I knew we had to reach out and get more details on THiS JERKY OF THE FUTURE.

Now, after over a year of formulating the PERFECT savory sticky citrus fusion bites, it’s easy to TASTE why this AiNT NO MiDDLE OF THE MALL FOOD COURT ORANGE CHiCKEN!

-Riff Raff

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